Getting Moving Again…and new meds!

Well, it’s been some time since I was able to even think about sitting down and blogging.  I just completed a long trudge through creating a US I course that required hours of written scripts that I then had to record.  Every spare minute not taking care of work or family was sunk into that project. (And now I have US II to go by November!  Acketh!)

But we’ve been back to the doctor, and we’re opening a new phase in our battle.  As I believe I mentioned, it’s been confirmed that I’m facing a chronic bartonella infection that seems to have taken up residence in my innards. The first round of anti-biotics helped notably for the first two-weeks, but then I seemed to relapse into more distinct pain and exhaustion. So, she’s shifted me off Minocycline (the least expensive one, of course) and added RifAMPin.

RifAMPin is used for tough, chronic bacterial infections, according to the net. While the usual “this will make you turn your skin inside out” reviews were to be found on places like WebMD, I was encouraged by what I saw on the various Lyme sites.  Quite a few people there spoke about it like it was a wonder drug. The big concerns for side effects in this case is liver damage, so I’ll be getting labs done after two weeks.

At the suggestion of a internet post (approved as a good idea by my doctor) I’ll be pairing this med with Milk Thistle to try to help my liver metabolize and cleanse it.

Two interesting points, perhaps.  First, I noticed that when I started the anti-biotics in the first place, within 24 hours my innards started working properly again. I remember thinking that is odd–isn’t it supposed to be the opposite with anti-biotics?  According to our doctor, apparently, people with bartonella are the exception. When it invades the intestines, it shuts things down, so when you start killing it off, it opens the door for things to work right again. (I’m also taking 200 billion pro-biotics a day to head off problems on the other extreme…)

The second point, if you happen to ever need to take RifAMPin, is that it colors your…liquids…red-orange. And by that I mean everything, apparently–including sweat and tears!  I’m not sure if this means a hard workout will stain my clothes or not.  Fall needs to get here quick!

Kami is also beginning a round of anti-biotics.  The doctor things that she is facing systemic infection that is causing overall inflammation. This is encouraging because she is the first doctor to have a clear indication of what might be going on with tests to back it up.  She says that if she’s reading the numbers right, Kami should experience some quick relief.

Here’s hoping and praying! There’s a good chance we both have some herxing in our future….


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